bad dog hotcaller worst behaviour worstville records cover art 500

Out now on “WORST BEHAVIOUR” – the hardest, heaviest and worst compilation EDM has to offer.

Track : 09 of 09

Genre : Midtempo

Worstville takes no responsibility for your actions whilst listening to, or after listening to BAD DOG.


drowning rip hotcaller cover art worstville records 500

Get ready for the round two deep dive. HOTCALLER has cranked DROWNING to the next level – giving the hypnotically dark original mix a high energy, club & festival-inspired electro house “RIP” VIP revision that stays true to the original mix and literally drowns the senses when it drops.

Breathe in, breathe out and turn up the bass!


drowning hotcaller cover art worstville records 500

Following a series of successful collaborative releases, HOTCALLER returns to Worstville Records with his first-ever solo release. Combining heaving synths leads, driving basslines & hypnotic vocals with an entrancing melancholic ambiance, DROWNING delivers a driven style of dark EDM for listeners looking for alternate club music energy.

Prepare to submerge your brain – don’t forget to breathe!


hotcaller tmrrw i am a god cover art

Strap yourself in for 666,000 volts of thrashed out rave & midtempo-fused electro house power. And while you’re at it, prepare your souls for heaven, hell & everything in between in 2minutes & 47seconds flat.

HOTCALLER and TMRRW have joined forces to bring I AM A GOD to Worstville Records.


devil asked for acid cover art hotcaller whos killer worstville records 500

Fresh from EDM’s thriving underground Midtempo scene comes HOTCALLER’S heaviest rave-ready single to date. Teaming up with mysterious newcomer, WHO’S THE KILLER – the collaborators deliver a distorted, acid-driven face melter.

Strap yourself in & enjoy the trip, because THE DEVIL ASKED FOR ACID.


communication failure hotcaller second degree worstville records cover art 500

From the leading edge of underground EDM, HOTCALLER & SECOND DEGREE serve hacked up Midtempo synth lines with face-melting heavy metal riffs. The release reached #4 in the Beatport Electro House Charts [19/10/20]

Need to get your blood pumping double time in under 3mins? Turn up COMMUNICATION ERROR.


damn hotcaller x nexy cover art worstville records 500

HOTCALLER & NEXY team up to rip it up on Worstville Records’ debut release. An international collaboration that pumps driving cyberpunk basslines and organic retro-rave melodic breaks.

DAMN reached #10 in the Beatport Electro House Charts [21/09/20].