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Out now on “WORST BEHAVIOUR” – the hardest, heaviest and worst compilation EDM has to offer.

Track : 04 of 09

Genre : Dubstep

Worstville takes no responsibility for your actions whilst listening to, or after listening to VOLTAGE.


attack order custome segan release art

Here at Worstville we’re dead keen to kick off 2021 with our most offensively loud & euphorically chaotic release to date. Welcoming back CUSTOME and proudly introducing SEGAN to the catalogue – the two DnB warriors have teamed up to transform your reality with weaponised bass and robotic rhythms.

Buckle up legends, you’re about to be hit with ATTACK ORDER.


die cover art custome worstville records 500

CUSTOME is back with his highly anticipated follow up release on Worstville Records. Waging war on subtlety, his latest single combines high-velocity rounds of chopped-up Drum & Bass and ghoulish melodics oozing with acoustic malevolence.

This is what happens when you push music to the very edge – now sit back, enjoy the end of the world & get ready to DIE.


losing my mind custome cover art worstville records 500

CUSTOME delivers hissing basslines with a warehouse rave perspective for his debut release on Worstville Records.

Don’t sleep on LOSING MY MIND.