This page has been set up to assist Spotify staff

Hi Spotify,

We’re trying to link up to the artist profile attributed to “Worstville” that has been created on Spotify when we recently uploaded our compilation “Worst Behaviour”.

The artist account “Worstville”( ) represents our Label, “Worstville” and we hope to gain access to the account via Spotify for Artists so that we can upload a profile picture, banner, bio and update with Artist Playlists and Highlights, etc.

We previously tried requested access as a label, but were informed to ask permission from the Artist or Manager instead, unfortunately, there is no one else who already has access to this account.

We then tried to go through the process as an Artist / Manager, but received your email advising us that we seem to be a label and that we should again ask for permission.

We are making this page to prove the validity of our claim. Hopefully, your systems will pick up my name and email address.

I am signing up as the “manager” because I am the manager of Worstville, so it’s fair to say I am the manager, artist & label.

For all enquiries, contact Mark Shorter :

Hope this clears everything thing up - if you're reading this, thank you for taking the time to look over and consider these details. Much appreciated, Mark